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A passion for multilingual communication: As an owner-managed business located in the Zurich area, CB Multilingual has been providing high-quality multilingual business communication solutions to a range of well-known Swiss and foreign companies and organisations since 2012.

About us

Professional translation and language services

Do you need a legal, financial, medical or technical translation or do you need a certified translation of a document? Are you looking for experienced interpreters for your next negotiation or conference? Would you like to have your texts proofread or do you need the support of creative copywriters and SEO translators who can win loyal customers and fans for your brand?

As a well-established Zurich translation agency and language full-service provider, we offer high-quality solutions in the following areas:

CB Multilingual - Language Translation Agency for Precise Medical, Financial, Certified, and Legal Translations.

In many subject areas and languages: From printed text to web content, as a respected translation office we take care of all of your translation needs. We also provide officially
certified translations.

CB Multilingual - Professional Interpreting - Skilled interpreters for clear and accurate multilingual communication.

We offer a large range of interpretation services (simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and remote) and the related technology, to suit your specific requirements. Whether virtual, on-site or hybrid.

CB Multilingual - Precision Proofreading - High-quality content through meticulous proofreading services.

Linguistic and stylistic check (including “good for print”) of your texts in many languages.

CB Multilingual - Professional Editing - Refining and polishing your content for clarity and consistency.

We polish your texts with the right choice of words and appropriate phrasing, ensuring perfect grammar, structure and consistency, as well as register and tone.

CB Multilingual - Expert Copyediting - Enhancing your text for grammar, style, and overall readability.

Copyediting/Writing service
Targeted and print-ready technical content, including text design and layout. Our linguistic experts put your ideas, wishes and visions into the right words.

CB Multilingual - Creative Copywriting - Engaging and effective marketing content tailored to your brand.

Our experienced copywriters will make sure that your marketing content hits the right note and can be found online.

CB Multilingual - Strategic Transcreation - Adapting and recreating content to resonate culturally and linguistically.

Transcreation/SEO-optimised translations
With our creative translations, we adapt your texts in the target language to your target markets so that they appear at the top of the search engines.

CB Multilingual - Terminology and Corporate Language Management, Training, and Consultancy for Swiss Multilingual Companies.

Terminology management and advisory services for multilingual communications
Perfect support for developing your corporate voice, combined with language process management.

We also offer machine translation post-editing (MTPE).
Linguistic experts will check and tidy up the machine-translated text.

Regardless of the service you need, our Swiss translation agency can help you convey your message professionally in a range of cultural contexts. We offer a fast and efficient service for a fair price.

Looking for professional translation services? Get in touch with CB Multilingual directly or request a non-binding quote. We will gladly help you find a suitable solution for your multilingual projects.

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CB Multilingual -
Your Zurich-based translation office

We know that finding a language services provider that meets your requirements exactly and also offers excellent value can be a real challenge. When you place your project with us you can rely on frictionless cooperation that produces high quality results at a fair price.

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Why CB Multilingual?

Long-standing experience

From the day we opened our interpreting and translation office in Zurich, we have made linguistic quality our primary objective. This is not simply an aim we set ourselves: we expect the same standards from all our translators, proofreaders, interpreters and copywriters.

Customer satisfaction

We have worked with a full range of customers, from well-known companies in Switzerland and abroad to NGOs and private individuals. We have always striven to live up to the confidence they place in us and that is reflected in their satisfaction with the service we deliver.

Collaboration with experts

We have established a broad network of tried-and-tested translators and language experts to meet the requirements of our customers. The native speakers in our team not only bring excellent linguistic skills, but also demonstrate a passion for the job and a commitment to continuing professional development to ensure their subject expertise is up to date.

Wide range of services

In addition to the access we give to a loyal, core team of experts, you will also benefit from the wide range of services that extend beyond those offered by traditional Swiss translation companies. You can rely on our in-depth knowledge of areas such as interpreting, copywriting, SEO, proofreading and more besides.

Precision and diligence

We take pride in delivering perfect results. Such high-quality output can only be guaranteed by sticking to our strict operating procedures and selecting the best resources for each task. We pay great attention to ensuring the local details and linguistic nuances of Switzerland and the other cultures that we serve are observed and correctly implemented.

Quality standards

We operate in accordance with the DIN EN 15038 quality standard and its international successor standards ISO 17100:2015 for translation services. In addition, our Managing Director Silvia Cerrella Bauer is an ASTTI-certified interpreter and terminologist, accredited as a translator and interpreter at the Supreme Court of the Canton of Zurich and has also been qualified as a Certified Terminology Manager (CTM) by the ECQA European Certification & Qualification Association.


Situations can often change rapidly. If your circumstances change, just let us know as soon as possible. We will be happy to find a solution that meets your requirements and implement this quickly and reliably thanks to our lean organisation and close network of experts.


Naturally, every inquiry, document and request you send us will be treated in the fullest confidence. In particular, documents and files containing sensitive information (for example when it comes to legal or medical translations) are encrypted before transmission.

Professional commitment

Our managing director is a member of several professional associations:
• Certified Member of ASTTI (Swiss association of translators, terminologists and interpreters), where she served as Vice President and Board Member;
• Member of the International Managers Group of the Swiss Leaders Organisation (SKO);
• Member of Swiss Label;
• Member of Deutsche Terminologie-Tag e.V.

Personal contact

Offering advice one-to-one and looking after our customers as individuals are extremely important to us. We take the time to speak to you and get to the bottom of what you need. As a result, we can produce an offer that meets your requirements perfectly and deliver results of the highest quality.

Do you need a legal, financial, medical or technical translation or do you need a certified translation of a document?
Are you looking for experienced interpreters for your next negotiation or conference? Would you like to have your texts proofread or do you need the support of creative copywriters and SEO translators who can win loyal customers and fans for your brand?