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CB Multilingual: Tailored Copywriting, Editing, Proofreading, and Transcreation services for impactful and engaging content.

Proofreading, editing, transcreation: ensuring your message hits home.

Every text is different and is intended to achieve something different. While some inform, others are meant to entertain, inspire or encourage a purchase. To respond to the individual characteristics and purpose of a text and give it the finishing touches in terms of grammar, spelling and sentence structure, we, as one of the most renowned language service providers in Switzerland, rely on six services that go beyond mere translation:

Four eyes see more than two

With this approach, our language experts carry out the final spelling, grammar and consistency checks during the proofreading and editing stage before the text is ready for print. As soon as all errors have been corrected, it is good to go.

You can read about what this looks like in practice here in one of our success stories.

Your reader understands what you mean

During editorial revision (copyediting), we adapt existing texts to the relevant target group and the desired market and ensure that your thoughts are packaged in the right words. But we don’t just do this for existing texts: With our writing service, we create mailings, correspondence and other texts entirely from scratch in accordance with your exact wishes and requirements.

Whether website content, slogans, social media posts or ad texts – if you want to get found in the ocean of (online) advertising, you need to stand out. Creatively translated and SEO-optimised texts are therefore becoming increasingly important. Whether with source text or without: Instead of simply translating words, copywriting and transcreation involve us accurately reproducing the message in the target language and with the desired tone and style.

Technology is also making progress in the field of translation and can already do the groundwork for less creative, standard texts. Nevertheless, the input of a professional is still essential for ensuring that a text is flawless before being published. With our machine translation post-editing (MTPE) service, we put the finishing touches to it in a final review.

Our comprehensive services for processing your key content

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