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Editing service - we give your text the final touch.

“I had to read this paragraph three times to understand it.” Has this ever happened to you? Then you know how important it is for a text to be easy to read. Whether your readers give you the “thumbs up” depends not only on the quality of your content, but also on your writing style and the comprehensibility of your statements. A well-rounded overall impression is very important!

Good reasons to have your content professionally edited

Have you successfully put your thoughts on paper, but writing is not really your thing? Then you should get help, because even the best content doesn’t really come into its own if it is hidden in complicated sentences and clumsy phrasing. Your readers can’t follow your train of thought and put your text aside, meaning that all your efforts were in vain! To avoid such a scenario, it is advisable to have your text revised by a professional editor before publication. Don’t worry, you will still recognise your text afterwards – it’s just a perfected version that you can shine with!

What does text editing involve?

In addition to proofreading, editing involves checking and optimising the following aspects of your text:

  • Clarity and logic
  • Style
  • Text structure
  • Coherence
  • Formal aspects such as
    • consistent terminology
    • quotes
    • spelling
    • numbering
    • references
    • layout

When editing your text, our editors ensure that the writing style of your work is consistent. If necessary, they rephrase passages that are difficult to understand and remove redundancies and filler words. Missing connections are made and, if necessary, paragraphs are listed in a different order for the sake of comprehensibility. In addition, the focus is on the use of an appropriate choice of words (and terms) and suitable formulations, in keeping with the language register and tonality of the text.

Afterwards, a second editor checks all changes made. Thanks to this 4-eyes principle, you can be confident that your text is truly stylistically flawless. Of course, you have full control over the changes made: the linguists work in “track changes” mode.

Our academically-trained, mother-tongue editors have a wealth of professional experience in proofreading and editing. Your finished text will be error-free and ready for publication.

We have been editing technical texts for a financial institution in Zurich, academic dissertations and papers as well as scientific papers, art brochures and catalogues for many years and in many languages.

Do you still have questions about the difference between proofreading and editing? You can find the answers in our blog entry on the subject.

We offer editing services in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

We also edit texts in other languages on request.

Are you planning to publish texts and wish to have them proofread and edited? Contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

When does it make sense to have your content professionally edited?

Companies and law firms often seek professional editing and proofreading because errors in critical business documents can have serious consequences. Content that needs to be polished and error-free to attract customers and maintain brand image or user engagement includes:

  • Business documents: reports, proposals, presentations, and other business-related materials.
  • Academic papers: research papers, dissertations, and other academic documents.
  • Marketing materials: brochures, flyers, and advertisements.
  • Legal documents: contracts and agreements requiring a high degree of precision and accuracy.
  • Website content: websites are an essential part of a company’s online presence.
  • Technical documents: user manuals and instructions.

Print-ready copy for guaranteed perfect content

Would you like to have your content checked again by qualified language experts before you send it to print? Then you can order a “print-ready copy” from us. According to the 4-eyes principle, your text is checked in a double proofreading and editing loop by two different linguists. The final result is guaranteed error free and can be sent to print without hesitation.

Do you want to be on the safe side before printing your content? Then you’ve come to the right place. Contact us and we will be happy to send you a detailed offer – without obligation, of course.

Always consistent: terminology management and language guidelines

For a company, it is particularly important that all texts be consistent in terms of style and terminology. Of course, we take your corporate terminology and language conventions into account when editing your content and we are also happy to take over terminology management for you.

Do you want to be sure that your texts are stylistically flawless? Contact us and tell us the scope of your text and your time constraints and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a non-binding offer.

Satisfied clients

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"In our search for multilingual editing services for demanding Swiss clients, we came across CB Multilingual in Zurich. We and our clients really appreciate the fact that we don't just get a revised, edited text back. CB Multilingual uses carefully selected editors to understand our clients and their business, also provides us with alternative wording suggestions, checks content for accuracy and usually does so within the shortest possible time. CB Multilingual is therefore our first choice for good reason!"

Andreas Schmed, Project Coordinator, BERG Medien AG, Baar

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