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Professional Interpreting Services Switzerland

While translation involves the written transmission of different types of text, interpreting involves ensuring oral communication in different languages.

Our interpreting services and technologies at a glance

Interpretation work is complex. What type should be used – simultaneous interpreting, liaison interpreting, consecutive interpreting or whispered interpreting? How many language interpreters are needed? Should an interpreting booth be used? On-site or remote interpreting?

As a renowned language service provider in Switzerland, we can make all of these decisions for you and offer you tailor-made solutions. We have already successfully supported countless events. We work with experienced and highly qualified interpreters in various languages and specialist areas. Our professional technicians will ensure smooth operation and optimum acoustics during your event.

Below you will find an overview of types of interpreting and interpreting technique.

Not quite sure which category your event fits into? Feel free to contact us and we will not only provide you with individual advice, but also highly qualified interpreters to match the subject area of your event as well as the appropriate technology.

Why hire our interpreters in Switzerland

  • Single point of contact for personalised advice
  • Expert support based on 20 years’ experience in the language interpreting industry
  • In-depth knowledge of the linguistic requirements of the Swiss market
  • An extensive network of highly qualified interpreters in a wide range of specialist fields
  • Interpreters in all fields, including community, simultaneous, court, remote and telephone interpreters
  • Represented throughout the country: book our interpreters in Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lucerne, Geneva and other cities in Switzerland
  • Our professional interpreters are also available at short notice
  • Compliance with recognised quality standards
  • High quality services at competitive rates

Guaranteed quality - why you can trust us

When it comes to interpreting, every word counts and even small errors or inaccuracies can have serious consequences. We are aware of our responsibility and work strictly in accordance with DIN EN ISO 20108. This quality standard defines the requirements for the quality and transmission of sound and images to interpreters and specifies the characteristics of audio and video signals. In this way, we ensure that interpreters can work to the best of their ability.

We also set the highest standards in the selection of our interpreters, all of whom have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of specific industries. They also have the relevant certifications, for example as community interpreters, accredited court interpreters or certified conference interpreters. Our remote interpreters are also certified in the use of the major remote interpreting platforms (RSI platforms) and are very familiar with the technology.

Our managing director, Silvia Cerrella Bauer, is a certified conference interpreter and an accredited interpreter with the Supreme Court of the Canton of Zurich. For many years she has regularly worked as an interpreter for the private sector, investigative authorities and courts, and has a large network of experienced interpreters in several languages. She is a certified member of ASTTI (Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters) and has been a board member and vice-president of this professional association for many years. She is also a member of Swiss Label.


CB Multilingual Übersetzungsbüro Zürich Dolmetschen Dolmetscher-Dienste Logo_ASTTI

CB Multilingual Übersetzungsbüro Zürich Dolmetschen Dolmetscher-Dienste Logo_ASTTI


In our blog article “From a whisper to a button in the ear – learn about the different types of interpreting“, we provide you with an overview of the different types of interpreting and interpreting technologies, so you can get an idea of what is needed for your planned event before it goes ahead.

Since 2012, several institutional clients from the private and public sectors, both at home and abroad, have placed their trust in us as their partner for interpreting services.

Do you want to be sure that your event is in the best hands and that the interpreting services meet your quality standards?

Interpreters and interpreting equipment - we take care of it all

Not only can we help you choose the right type of interpreting for your event and find qualified language experts to meet all your needs, but we can also organise the necessary interpreting equipment, such as interpreting booths for conferences or tour guide systems for more flexible settings.

With the help of our interpreting technology specialists, we can also advise and organise the most appropriate interpreting setup for your hybrid multilingual events.

Leave the planning to us.

We provide interpreting services in all these languages

Do you need experienced conference interpreters for French, Swiss German or specific Swiss dialects? Or INTERPRET-certified community interpreters or accredited court interpreters for Albanian-English? We can do it all.

We offer interpreting services in a wide range of languages.


Our conference interpreters (simultaneous interpreters) work in the following languages, among others:

Do you require interpreting services in another language or language combination? We look forward to receiving your enquiry.


Our network of accredited court interpreters as well as certified community interpreters includes proven experts in numerous language combinations:

Swiss national languages

  • Interpreting English-German / German-English
  • Interpreting English-French / French-English
  • Interpreting English-Italian / Italian-English
  • Interpreting English-Romansh / Romansh-English

Other European languages

  • Interpreting English-Spanish / Spanish-English
  • Interpreting English-Portuguese / Portuguese-English
  • Interpreting English-Danish / Danish-English
  • Interpreting English-Dutch / Dutch-English
  • Interpreting English-Albanian / Albanian-English
  • Interpreting English-Bosnian / Bosnian-English
  • Interpreting English-Croatian / Croatian-English
  • Interpreting English-Czech / Czech-English
  • Interpreting English-Georgian / Georgian-English
  • Interpreting English-Greek / Greek-English
  • Interpreting English-Polish / Polish-English
  • Interpreting English-Romanian / Romanian-English
  • Interpreting English-Russian / Russian-English
  • Interpreting English-Serbian / Serbian-English
  • Interpreting English-Turkish / Turkish-English
  • Interpreting English-Ukrainian / Ukrainian-English

Non-European languages

  • Interpreting English-Arabic / Arabic-English
  • Interpreting English-Farsi (Persian) / Farsi (Persian)-English
  • Interpreting English-Chinese / Chinese-English
  • Interpreting English-Dari / Dari-English
  • Interpreting English-Hebrew / Hebrew-English
  • Interpreting English-Hindi / Hindi-English
  • Interpreting English-Indonesian / Indonesian-English
  • Interpreting English-Korean / Korean-English
  • Interpreting English-Japanese / Japanese-English
  • Interpreting English-Kurdish / Kurdish-English
  • Interpreting English-Somali / Somali-English
  • Interpreting Englisch-Tagalog / Tagalog-English
  • Interpreting English-Tamil / Tamil-English
  • Interpreting English-Thai / Thai-English
  • Interpreting English-Tigrinya / Tigrinya-English
  • Interpreting English-Vietnamese / Vietnamese-English
  • Interpreting English-Pashto / Pashto-English
  • Interpreting English-Chechen / Chechen-English

Sign language interpreting: for greater social inclusion

Our mission is to break down barriers and make communication accessible to all. That is why, as well as offering interpreting in many languages, we are also experts in sign language interpreting.

Sign language is a unique and important form of communication for deaf and hard of hearing people. Our highly qualified sign language interpreters translate conversations, meetings, events and more so that all participants have an equal opportunity to be heard and to express themselves.

Read more about the main features of sign language interpreting and how it differs from traditional interpreting in our blog “Key features and differences between interpreting and sign language interpreting“.

Interpreting, translation and everything related

Is your conference already planned, but you still have some documents or other texts (programme, speeches, presentations etc.) that need to be translated before or after the event? Then let us know and we will make sure that everything is rendered consistently in the target language, so that your event is a success.

Are you planning an international conference or do you need an interpreter on short notice for a meeting or negotiation? We can support you with our professional interpreting solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice or a non-binding quote.

Logo Wellspect

"The feedback on the simultaneous interpretation services in German, English and French at our medical congress was overwhelmingly positive, with delegates praising the accuracy of the translation. I received excellent all-round support, all the professionals involved (interpreters and technical staff) were punctual, highly motivated and well prepared."

Catharina Cziczkat, Medical Advisor DACH, Wellspect Healthcare, Elz (D)


"We have never had such skilled German-French interpreters as at our autumn conference in 2023, so we must extend our utmost appreciation. Thank you very much for the simultaneous translation."

Otto Steiner-Lang, President Schweizerischer Verband Network Management, Uetliburg

Hoval Logo

"We have used CB Multilingual's interpreting services mutiple times and have always been very satisfied. Competent, fast and reliable - thank you very much!"

Evita Schildknecht, Marketing communication, Hoval AG, Feldmeilen

Philips Logo

"We hired CB Multilingual to provide German-French consecutive interpreting for our participation in the Swiss Automotive Show in Granges-Paccot. The consecutive interpreter was very open with our customers. After just a few hours, he was actively approaching our customers and explaining the benefits of our products, which was very well received. Especially as 60-70% of the visitors were French-speaking. The consecutive interpreting went smoothly and very well. I am very satisfied and will be using CB Multilingual again next year! Thank you for the professional and straightforward organisation!"

Christopher Kurz, Marketing Manager D/A/CH, Lumileds Germany GmbH, Aachen (D)


"We used French-German interpreting services from CB Multilingual (CBM) for our wholesale customer event in September 2022. We found the entire organisation and coordination together with CBM to be very professional and helpful. The two interpreters were very well prepared and also exceptionally flexible when it came to discussions in the plenary. The feedback from our clients from French-speaking Switzerland regarding the interpreting services provided was extremely satisfactory. The use of the equipment was explained to us in detail, so everything worked excellently.
We would like to thank the CBM team again for the great support and service, which met our expectations. We will certainly consider CBM again for future larger meetings."

Christoph Kissling, CEO Switzerland, RHIAG Group GmbH, Baar