CB Multilingual: Associated Partner of the European Master’s in Technology for Translation and Interpreting (EM TTI)


In this role CB Multilingual will offer internships for students, contribute updates to the curriculum and/or deliver lectures and seminars.

The European Master’s in Technology for Translation and Interpreting, EM TTI, is a strong consortium of leading European universities. Its members comprise the University of Wolverhampton, UK (the co-ordinator), the University of Malaga (Spain), the New Bulgarian University (Bulgaria) and Ghent University (Belgium). It embodies the aim to deliver a cohesive, integrated European program, which will be the first of its kind worldwide. The master’s program, which closely cooperates with the Erasmus program of the European Union, focusses on the new generation of language technology professionals so that young students are aware of the newest tools and become acquainted users or even future developers of the technology.

Associated partners of the program are leading companies, user organisations and non EC-universities, which provide knowledge for students to optimise their career chances. As Associated Partner, CB Multilingual is offering internships for students and will be occasionally delivering lectures and seminars.

Our first intern shares the experience gained at CB Multilingual

In summer 2021 CB Multilingual offered a student of the master’s program an internship which proved to be an ideal opportunity to gain valuable practical experience in the field of interpreting and translation and was a truly enriching experience for our team.

Read more about the tasks and practical experience gained by our intern at: https://em-tti.eu/about-masters/associated-partners/.

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