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Decoding Swiss legal interpretation: Meeting clients' needs for success


What are the key considerations that Swiss clients in the legal sector may prioritise when seeking legal interpretation services? How can legal interpreters effectively address these pain points and win the business?

Key considerations for Swiss legal clients: unveiling the blueprint for exceptional interpretation services

Have you ever wondered what Swiss legal clients expect from interpreting services in court?

From nailing legal nuances to mastering courtroom culture, here’s a quick look at the pain points and solutions for the perfect legal interpreting experience:

Accuracy matters

In any quotation, interpreting service providers must ensure that they highlight:

  • the legal expertise of the interpreters (preferably court-certified),
  • the rigorous quality assurance procedures they use and their previous successful experience in a legal environment,
  • the advanced interpreting technology and equipment they use,
  • the care taken by their interpreters in preparing and researching Swiss legal terminology prior to their assignment,
  • the continuous professional development that their interpreters undergo on a regular basis.

Cultural sensitivity

It goes without saying that interpreters working for Swiss legal clients must:

  • be familiar with Swiss legal terminology and culture,
  • be flexible enough to adapt to different legal nuances and contexts,
  • have a thorough knowledge of local Swiss customs and etiquette in a legal environment, as well as a respect for confidentiality and ethics.

Time is money

Proposed solutions must include:

  • cost-effective solutions and tailored service packages based on our clients’ specific needs, always making efficient use of time to minimise overall costs,
  • clear channels of communication with clients and legal teams,
  • seamless integration when coordinating tasks and procedures with the legal professionals involved, and keeping our client informed of progress and any issues that may arise,
  • availability for pre-litigation meetings and consultations.

Legal interpreters working for Swiss legal clients will adhere to strict schedules and be punctual. Their professionalism will also be reflected in their demeanour and appearance at court/arbitration hearings.

Tech wizards

Legal interpreters working with demanding Swiss legal clients are able to:

  • respond quickly to unforeseen challenges or changes,
  • use the latest interpreting equipment and technology,
  • provide technical support to deal with any problems during the proceedings,
  • maintain and test equipment before each session.

Multilingual excellence

By providing a one-stop shop for multilingual requirements, interpreting service providers can save their clients valuable time to focus on their core business by providing qualified Swiss court interpreters from their network in different languages and language combinations.

Did you know that CB Multilingual is managed by a Swiss accredited court interpreter and offers an extensive network of Swiss accredited court interpreters in a wide range of European and non-European languages?

Are you looking for qualified legal interpreters for your hearings, trials or other events? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to find a solution tailored for your specific needs.

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