CB Multilingual: Speaker at the FIT Congress 2017 in Brisbane (Australia)


Our Managing Director, Silvia Cerrella Bauer, was a guest speaker at the FIT World Congress 2017 in Brisbane, Australia, where she presented a paper on the challenges associated with managing terminology projects.

The International Federation of Translators, FIT, counts more than 100 associations of translators, interpreters and terminologists, represented in more than 55 countries. One of FIT’s main objectives is to foster the social status of translators, interpreters, and terminology associations and to support and advance the sector of translation as a science and an art.

During her presentation, Silvia Cerrella Bauer presented various aspects relevant to terminology management, project planning and implementation. She explained how to tackle a first terminology management project in a corporate setting, as well as the process to define the scope of a terminology product.

If you are planning or about to start a review of your corporate language and are interested in knowing more about how to effectively build up your corporate vocabulary, please get in touch! We will be delighted to assist you.