ASTTI Interview mit Silvia Cerrella Bauer

Interview with Silvia Cerrella Bauer - well-known ASTTI bigwig and speaker at the FIT Legal Forum


Those who know ASTTI probably also know Silvia Cerrella Bauer. She has been a member of the association’s board for several years and has been in charge of international relations. She represented the association at various events in Switzerland and abroad – be it the Bremer Runde in Lugano, the FIT World Congresses in Shanghai, Brisbane and San Francisco, the FIT Europe member meetings in various European locations or ASTTI’s Summer Financial Translation Conference in Spiez (which she organised in 2013).

This summer Silvia is back in Spiez, this time for the XIV FIT INTERNATIONAL FORUM FOR LEGAL TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETING. This time, however, not in her capacity as a member of the board, but as a speaker! We had the pleasure of catching up with her beforehand and asking her a few questions about the importance of the event to the association and the industry, as well as her contribution to the Legal Forum. And she also told us about her favourite destination near Spiez…

A: First of all, I would like to ask you about your connection to the FIT Legal Forum.

S: Well, professionally, of course, I am familiar with the Legal Forum because I myself work as a legal translator and interpreter for authorities and courts. Within ASTTI, I was responsible for maintaining relations with FIT for several years. The Legal Forum is an integral part of this relationship management, a great meeting place for our sister associations, FIT Europe and also worldwide. So my relationship with the FIT Legal Forum has always been very close. I am all the more delighted to be able to contribute as a speaker this year.

A: What do you think is the importance of the Legal Forum for ASTTI and the industry in general?

S: I am delighted that ASTTI has decided to accept the invitation to host the event. For the association, the FIT Legal Forum is a great opportunity to gain more visibility and to consolidate its pioneering role in hosting international industry events. It is also a great opportunity for the industry in Switzerland and worldwide: I see the Forum as a think tank where ideas and best practices can be exchanged. Multilingual and multicultural Switzerland in particular, with its well-organised legal interpretation and translation services, can make an important contribution to this.

A: Can you give us a preview of your presentation, a little teaser?

S: In my presentation, I will be talking to two colleagues in the field of court interpreting about the requirements, challenges and success factors in this industry. We will not only look at the current situation, but also venture a look into the future: What could the industry look like in a few years’ time? What are the possible potentials and developments? I don’t think I’m giving too much away when I say that, in my opinion, the legal field could become an even more attractive niche for language service providers in the future.

A: In 2013, you organised the Financial Translation Summer Conference in Spiez on behalf of ASTTI. Do you have an insider tip for our non-local guests, a kind of “must see” in the region?

S: Spiez and its surroundings are generally beautiful and worth seeing. I particularly liked the village of Faulensee. There you can stroll along the shores of Lake Thun and enjoy one or two local specialities.

A: That sounds very nice. Thank you, Silvia, for your time and insights into the FIT Legal Forum. We are very much looking forward to your presentation!

S: I’d love to, and I’m looking forward to it too!


Source: ASTTI Linkedin