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Medical interpreting services by CB multilingual at the ACCT Congress 2023


CB Multilingual provided simultaneous interpreting services at the Advancing Continence Care Together (ACCT) conference in Nottwil, Switzerland. Our dedicated team of 7 simultaneous interpreters translated the technical presentations into French and English last Tuesday and Wednesday.

A look behind the scenes

We were the simultaneous interpreting partner for Wellspect, a company that manufactures products for bladder and bowel management and develops innovative solutions for incontinence care. Wellspect organised its ACCT 2023 conference in Nottwil (Lucerne).

ACCT stands for “Advancing Continence Care Together” and focuses on the further development of continence care. Our simultaneous interpreters faced a number of challenges in preparing for this medical interpreting assignment.

Researching medical terminology was as much a part of their job as delving into the specific terminology associated with bladder and bowel disorders. Topics such as paraplegia, treatment options for neurogenic bladder dysfunction, urinary tract infections and bowel management were no easy task and required in-depth understanding and precise translation.

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Preparation is key

An important briefing with the client beforehand clarified the complex medical concepts and laid the foundations for a successful event. The focus was not only on the technical aspects, but also on the sensitive challenges faced by our team of simultaneous interpreters:

  • Sensitivity towards patients and medical staff: Dealing with the topics discussed required our interpreters to be highly sensitive to the needs of patients and medical staff. They not only conveyed information but did so in a culturally appropriate and respectful manner.
  • Confidentiality and ethics: Medical information is often confidential and our interpreters demonstrated ethical integrity when handling sensitive data. Adherence to ethical guidelines and respect for confidentiality were of paramount importance
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration: The ACCT event brought together specialists from different disciplines. Our interpreters overcame the challenge of quickly familiarising themselves with different specialties, such as paraplegiology, gastroenterology, urology and nursing in order to facilitate smooth collaboration between the specialists.
Interpreting equipment for the ACCT conference 2023

All the equipment required for simultaneous interpretation, including the mobile booths, was provided by us. We would like to thank Wellspect from Germany for the exciting opportunity to be involved in this project and look forward to continuing to provide interpreting services for challenging medical events in the future.

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