CB Multilingual translates for the web and processes content for TYPO3


As part of a major project for one of our clients, InCore Bank, a Swiss transaction bank providing banks, securities dealers and fintech companies transaction banking and outsourcing services, CB Multilingual has been handling multilingual content for publication on the web.

We have prepared the files from the TYPO 3 content management system (CMS), an open-source system that is generally used for designing and developing complex, multilingual corporate websites. We subsequently prepared the content for processing in our computer-assisted translation tool, also known as translation memory. This allows us to translate the content while protecting the internal CMS code allowing the client to import the translation directly back into the server.

With the translation memories in every language pair that we manage exclusively for our client, any content that has already been translated can be reused, ensuring that wording of the client’s message is consistent across the web platform. In addition, while translating in the environment of the translation memories it is possible to query the terminology database that we manage for our client and search and use the client’s specific terminology in every translation project.

We are happy to share our approach with you. Please contact us for further information.

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