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Pour le succès de votre événement hybride avec des interprètes (en anglais)


Multilingual events, where part of the audience is present on site while other participants join in online, are an enduring trend worth exploring further. These so-called hybrid events offer a number of undeniable benefits such as improved cost efficiency and lower travel costs and, more importantly, maximum reach. This is not only about geographical reach, but also about inclusion, without forgetting the sustainability of such an event, since the carbon footprint is reduced through less travel.

There are various platforms to choose from when organising a hybrid event. To make your event a success, we have compiled a checklist with helpful tips for you below.

  1. Understanding the basics

A hybrid event uses conference hardware. Some participants are on site (live participants), while others connect to the event via an online platform (virtual participants). At the same time, they work either on site or from a different location, for example home office or a hub.

  1. Formats for which multilingual hybrid events are suitable

Thanks to its flexibility, this type of event is suitable for many different formats: large conferences, seminars or even training courses with a small number of participants. Meetings and roundtable discussions can also be held as hybrid multilingual events.

  1. What to look for when choosing the date, time and duration of your event

Before setting the date of the event, find out if there are any public holidays in the countries your participants come from in order to prevent any overlapping.

If your virtual participants are in different time zones, it is important to choose suitable times for the events. If this is not possible, participants can catch up on content they may have missed using digital replay options.

When planning individual sessions, bear in mind that virtual participants have a relatively short attention span.

  1. Choose a competent moderator or event leader

You want both your online and live audience to participate in the Q&A sessions, interact with the speakers and engage with other participants. You should therefore choose a moderator or event leader to moderate your hybrid event who is familiar with the proceedings. The moderator will keep the audience’s attention and ensure that the event runs smoothly. In addition to an on-site moderator, it is useful to have another for the virtual participants so that they benefit from the same interaction and networking opportunities as the on-site participants. This enables the questions of both on-site and online participants to be moderated, encouraging interaction at the event. In addition, virtual participants who are not interactive can use a streaming solution to meet their needs.

  1. Book professional simultaneous interpreters

If the participants in your event speak different languages, you should hire professional simultaneous interpreters to help them communicate in their preferred language. You should carefully select these interpreters because they must be very familiar with the subject area of your event, and don’t forget to coordinate the interpreting technology with them.

  1. Ensure a fast and stable internet connection

When organising a multilingual hybrid event, make sure that both the venue and the online participants have a fast and stable internet connection. Transmission delays and interruptions not only disrupt the proceedings and reduce the interest of the participants but are also a great challenge for the simultaneous interpreters.

  1. Pay attention to the sound quality

When planning a multilingual hybrid event with interpreters, be sure to guarantee excellent sound and image quality. Since sound and image are transmitted via the internet at online events, audio transmission to the interpreters is worse than it is when using ISO-compliant state-of-the-art technical equipment. Therefore, coordinate with the interpreters before the event and brief all participants in this regard.

  1. Use high-quality and state-of-the-art technology

In a multilingual hybrid event, digital and physical communication must work smoothly together. It is therefore important that there is no interference before, during and after the event, so schedule test runs in advance.

Select an intuitive platform that participants find easy to use. Choose from browser-based solutions and cloud video services that do not require software to be installed.

  • For on-site participants, i.e. your live audience, you can use special hardware or stream the sound via an app to the participants’ mobile phones.
  • For online participants, it is important that you clearly inform them of the type of equipment they should use. Interpreters also need to familiarise themselves with the console of the chosen platform.
  1. Important insights through tracking

Hybrid events are a challenge for any organiser as they need to engage virtual and live participants alike, so it is advisable to track their attendance and engagement in order to gain important insights for future events.

  1. How to maximise interaction between participants

You want your virtually participating audience to feel like they are part of the event and not just watching it on a screen. Apps that allow live polls, quizzes and Q&A, and that engage your audience as both virtual and live participants, have the opportunity to address the speakers through questions and comments.

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Audience engagement includes prompts that allow participants to interact and encourage dialogue. Allow time in the programme to create a fun environment, giving participants an opportunity to exchange ideas and to socialise.

Your competent partner for multilingual hybrid events with interpreters

As a long-standing provider of interpreting services, including technical equipment and solutions, we advise the organisers of such events when it comes to choosing the best technical solution so that everything runs smoothly for the participants. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.